Heat Transfer vs Leadership

I got this from a great boy in media 1213 and i could not wait to post this because of the amazing story.

In 5th April 2013, I studied Transport Phenomenon from Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer book (sixth edition). I studied it to prepare my mid-term test. When I read the first chapter, it was about Introduction. “So, what is heat transfer?”, “Heat transfer is thermal energy in transit due to a spatial temperature difference”, that was the book said, i didn’t change the words at all. Hence, I conclude from that definition, if there is a temperature different, heat transfer must occur.

Heat transfer it self have many types, types of heat transfer processes called by modes namely conduction, convection, and radiation. When a temperature gradient exist in a stationary medium, which may be solid or fluid, we use the term conduction refer to the heat transfer that will occur across the medium. In contrast, the term convection refers to heat transfer that will occur between a surface and a moving fluid when they are at difference temperature. The third mode of heat transfer is termed thermal radiation, thermal radiation based by electromagnetic wave which emitted by a surface of matter in finite temperature. Hence, in the absence of intervening medium, there is net heat transfer by radiation between two surface at different temperature. Actually, mass transfer using all modes, but when we categorized a system, only one mode which dominates the other modes.
We can summary that conduction using static medium, convection using moving medium, and radiation does not need medium to transfer thermal energy.
After we read the explanation above, we can know that there are several important point of heat transfer, that are temperature, thermal energy, medium, and electromagnetic wave. There is strong relation between heat transfer and leadership, temperature is like confident, thermal energy is like influence, medium is like message, electromagnetic wave is like charisma. From this definition, we can categorized people into 3 types of leadership.

1. Radiation Leadership
Radiation leadership is highest level of leadership. In daily life, we call it with aura, leadership aura. If people who have radiation leadership near from us, immediately we respect him. We are not aware why we respect him. This feeling is like a magic. When we near from them, we try to do the best, whereas they didn’t ask us, we feel comfort beside them and want together with them every time. Have you ever met people like this? People with this leadership type didn’t use message to influence the others people, but they using their charisma, something invisible but we can feel it, like electromagnetic wave.

The question is, how to be people with radiation leadership? Just patient, i will tell you when i read radiation chapter from Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer book, in chapter 12 pages 723 (now I read introduction pages 3 :p ).

2. Conduction Leadership
Conduction leadership is higher than convection leadership. Contra with radiation leadership, conduction leadership use message to influence the other people. But the message is in general form, no command in that message, especially command for our self. Although the message is in general form, but we feel moved to do the message.

3. Convection Leadership
The last type of leadership is convection leadership. Convection leadership use command to make the other accomplish our message. This type of leadership is the lowest level of leadership, because we must command the other to do their obligation.

Different temperature is absolute to move the thermal energy. Different temperature or different level of confident distinguish which is the leader and which is the follower.
That is about my story today when I learning transport phenomenon , how about your story when you study your subject?
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